Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunshine at last

Have you ever seen 2 cows.....or are they bulls....going at it head to head with their horns!!!!
This was taken on full zoom from about 250m, then cropped.

These are for you Ken....couple of fun guys

Another Coot out in the sunshine

Back to Max's favourite walk on the disused branch line across the road. These bridges, with the exception of one, which is still a mainish road, go nowhere, just across the track.

Hey this little fella is getting big and boisterous now

Guess who disturbed this lot !!!!

Found a small holding I didn't know existed

Another bridge to nowhere....Max in the foreground

Now this is the original gradient marker from the line. When they build HS2 through here........yes that's right, all this is going, there is going to be a scramble for this marker.......not if I get there first

Sunset over Red Lane

This one and Max stared each other out for about 5 mins


  1. Nice blog Dave and lovely pictures, nice to see Max getting in on the act.

  2. Yo Max! You are getting bigger and growing up! We were wondering if that white ducky thing tasted anything like chicken?

    OTL likes that picture of the bridge and path!

    See you soon