Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Autumn images

Another dull day apparently void of wildlife....apart from crows and pigeons.
Anyway, a few shots around the private woods down the road where they seem to breed Pheasants.

This is all that is left from the Kenilworth to Berkswell branch line built in 1884. They have turned the traks into a walkway. There are so many people there at the weekend that it drives away most of the wildlife

A couple of fun guys..... fungi, that perhaps Ken can identify.

Autumn colours and what I think is a baby pheasant.

Its going to be a little brighter tomorrow, so will try and find some water....if Max lets me


  1. Like the second fungi pic the best. Well done getting out in this weather,

  2. The second fungi must be poisonous because it is red, that's my understanding of the subject. Nice to see you up and running on the blog and glad you got yourself out. I do like the way the bird looks as though it is shacking its' leg.

  3. Yum Yum!

    Female Pheasant, cooked slowly in a red wine sauce, nearly as good as chicken!