Monday, 7 November 2011

Introduction and a new hobby

To everybody that might pick up this blog from 'Ellas Craft Creations', I just thought that I had better tell you who I am.
I am Chris's husband Dave, a retired Police Officer for the last 28 months. Although seriously short of drinking tokens, I have resisted the overwhelming need to work for a living.
I spend most of week split between my cars, caravan and playing as much golf as I can.
Max has got fed up with me using his blog to post my photos, so here are the results of my new did I ever find time to work.
I went out and bought myself a fixed lens bridging camera. A Fuji HS20EXR. Its got a fabulous lens that has an effective zoom from 28-720mm. Its been a long time since I had my first Olympus OM2, so consequently I am still mostly using the cameras fixed auto programs.
Anyway, might as well start by posting some of my latest sunsets....helps living in the country...and some pics from the firework display at Kenilworth Castle Saturday night

Now for some fireworks.

Ok nuf of showing off. We have just got back into caravanning after a 2 year break....missed it. So next year between that and a very mad Max, should have plenty to show.
Can I just share this last thought with you. This was sent to Chris by her dear friend and crafter Anne from Somerset.


  1. I like the sunsets and fireworks, look forward to your next rendition. Mike could not log on, I don't know why because I just copied and pasted the link from Chris just the same and I am here.
    Very true about the green thing, here, here.

  2. Good one Dave, well done lovely sunsets, (I like sunsets) and great firework shots. Glad to see you on here and domnt forget to post Max's blog now and again. PS what size physically is your camera?

  3. Ha ha! That is so true, don't you wish you were the person the checkout girl told off? I would have loved to see her face! Nice pictures too, love the sunsets.
    TFS, Babs