Sunday, 27 May 2012

Brighton weekend in the Caravan

I thought it was about time that I published some of my recent photos. So here they are.
Last weekend we took the caravan down to Sheepcote Valley Caravan Club site at Brighton. the reason, to see our musician son who lives there, and do a bit of off the wall shopping.

Let me show the site, how good my fixed zoom lens is, and one of the thousands of residents of the site.

These little residents drove Max mad the whole time

Anyway Thursday night I went to the Prince Albert pub in Brighton on the bus and left Chris dog sitting. I went to make a totally surprise entrance at my son David's gig with his latest band Little Remedy. How shocked was he.

Here's a freebie download of one of the tracks from his EP.
(just scroll down the page a bit to find it)

Took Chris to Beachy Head on Friday. guess what, I brought her back as well. Its the first time I have been there, so I took the tripod for some clear shots

As you can see by Chris's dress it wasn't the best day of the weekend.......and got a lot worse later

Saturday was a much better day and went shopping in the North Lanes

A trip down the seafront on the Volks Railway to the Marina

Sunday there was a Mini meet on the sea front......there must have been every one in Europe there

All in all a cracking weekend. Let me know what you think of the Little Remedy download

I will leave you with 2 images. I am not a religious person myself, but everyone to their own.
The first was taken at Beechy head., Zoom in to see the writing on the car......I thought it was the coastguard

The second, well they were I think afro-Caribbean in origin.....any suggestions