Thursday, 23 February 2012

At last, out of hibernation

At long last Spring is on its way. I have been taking the odd shot through the winter, but a combination of my Handyman business getting out of hand.....pardon the pun, and my version of 'SADS', has severely limited my free time in front of the computer.
OK, here'e a selection of some of the shots I have taken this year

Sunset at the back of Red Lane

One of our resident Blackbirds

 Its a Robin....

Its amazing how tame the Blackbirds are

 A Redwing....we have been inundated with flocks of these all winter

Ah....the lessor spotted bird seed thief......RAT

Couple of sunsets from the back window

A very fat Sparrow

Mr Gruff..........not so little Max

A posing Granddaughter Ella

Mr fierce again

Another Redwing

First signs of last

Its almost time to get the caravan out again..........stuff the decorating