Thursday, 24 November 2011

More Mushrooms

Have not been able to get out this week as have picked up a big decorating job that should tide me over for a bit. I will post the rest of the pics we took in Hay Wood on Tuesday afternoon

Whoops here comes the missus.....quick hide Max

This one has a puddle of water sitting on the top


  1. Very good set Dave, were is Max by the way. Just going on the internet to look for a book on Fungi

  2. A very nice set of photos ... It takes a lot of time to sort them out but worth every minute

  3. Oh superb photos, I havn't been at my computer for a couple of days, been out and when I was here my space has been taken up with visitors.
    These are truly nice and I don't get bored with fungi at all, I only wish I could choose one to like best but you have captured them all so well.

  4. Oh I am glad I found this Dave, really great fungi