Friday, 11 November 2011

Out of this world

Another awful day....dull...damp and windy. Golf was really hard work today. As always didn't take my camera, and there was wildlife everywhere right in front of me.....sods law.
Anyway here a couple of pics I took last night

Golf in wellies again in the morning. Hopefully things will brighten up later.
Must get a new keyboard tomorrow. Spilt a gas of whiskey on it last night and the keys have gone all sticky now......inside not outside


  1. Sorry to be late on parade we were at Trevor's last night so didn't get a look. Great shots, love the first one, well done that man. Question have you given up on Max's blog, poor puppy?

  2. Great shots, a pity about not having camera with you when the wildlife come out, always the way.
    What a waste of whiskey, Daisy's master will be most upset. You are lucky that the keyboard still works.