Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Kingsbury Water Park

If you have read Max's blog tonight, you will know we took him a few miles to Kingsbury Water Park today.
This is a series of gravel pits that were filled in many years ago.
Anyway let me show you some of the pics I took today;

Very tame Geese

Some of the lakes are quite shallow here......something the Swans seem to be taking advantage of

I took these 2 straight into the Sun, with the WB turned right down

Just a few more Autumn images from this really nice place.


  1. Really nice set Dave, I should be posting a set very similar tonight. Like the low sun ones, well done.

  2. ah, these are really delightful - captures the soft tones of English light - we have different, stronger contrasts over here! Shaz in oz.x

  3. Number three is great but I would love to know what the last one is

  4. Trev, the last one is a heron !
    chris and dave