Sunday, 27 November 2011

At last a sunny day

For those of you that are sick of Fungi pics.....I have some more. The good news is, that this will be the last lot. Had a sunny afternoon wandering around Hay wood again. Will be very busy again this week until Wednesday afternoon. so this set will be the last for a few days.

These 2 were taken by the missus with her 4.0mp compact Canon....not bad

These last 2 were the same subject. Used the flash on the second shot, which seems to have had a reverse effect


  1. Great set Dave,like the second one that Chris took with the sun coming through the trees.
    The Fungi one are great, I like the last one with the flash. I got my £3.85 book on Friday on Fungi and it's a really small book with loads of colour plates.
    Good value wot.

  2. How did you find so many different ones in one place, we havn't found many red ones at all. It is strange how the one with the flash has gone darker so given a really rich colour to the whole mushroom/toadstool.
    Must also say I like the tree shots with the sunshine. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Well done Dave, I like the fourth one up the best.

    I will put a link to your blog on my links.

  4. Well I must say all you 'lads' and Daisy and Jean are going mad wiv the Fungi ... I like it better than the blooming power stations ! lol But roll on the spring! Good shots Dave ... I like the deadly red ones best ! E xx

  5. As Chris said they are awesome - saw some beauties last item I was over there and took some pickies of them too - the one that fascinates me is the red and white one... looks like it has pimples!! I have a Eastern Water dragon and an iridescent Christmas beetle on my blog for WOYWW, :D Shaz in oz.