Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sadly I have neglected this blog completely over the winter. I even had to remove most of the pics to allow Chris more room on her blog........

Well the weather has changed and we have had our first caravan outing to Dorset over the last five days.

Apparently we have been rubbing shoulders with Mike and sue Goodes and had no idea?????????

We stayed at a wonderful little Caravan club site called 'Haycraft', just down the road from Corfe Castle.

This was taken at sunset, if you look carefully you can see Swanage in the background.

I haven't been to this area since I was a kid. so impressed with it, I will spread this  entry over three days.

Firstly then, and because we have not been back long, and the caravan needs cleaning out, I will just post some pics of the Swanage Railway.
A really quaint little single track line that ran no more than half a mile from the caravan site..................see last pic taken from the back of the caravan.

                                 Corfe Castle

                                Snapping you snapping me?

                                 Corfe Castle in the background

                                  Swanage station

I've many lovely shots of the scenery, and one very interesting set of a cliff mine used for a 'Doctor Who' shoot.......

Will post them tomorrow


  1. Hi Dave,

    we headed south not intentionly but due to the fact that it was very cold at Henley. After two nights quit and stayed at the top of the New Forest for another two nights then down to Corfe Castle. Finally a night stop over in Chichester.

    Great shots Dave, glad to see you back on. Will have to visit the Railway but did not have time.
    Best regards, Mike

  2. What a pity that we didn't know you were so close. Lovely pics of the steam trains, there is something about trains, I suppose they capture the past. Looking forward to your continuing blogs and hopefully one of these days we will all meet up.