Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Last few holiday pics

Hi...just thought will post some of the nicest of the scenic pics from the Hols. As usual picked the wrong week to go away. Kids are off now, so its adult only sites or stay at home

                                                      Max needs a haircut again

                                         Salcombe Lifeboat through the brick window.........


                                              Batson Creek Salcombe........nice boat

All the next few pics were taken at a very special little beach near Start Point called Mattiscombe.
Quite a walk down a narrow path. This next pic is apparently a survey ship. I thought it was a trawler initially

Salcombe Lifeboat. Always a soft spot for the crew after being rescued some years ago by its predecessor.
That's another story.

                                           Evening over Beesands. A six mile uphill walk

                                          Starhole Bay, end of the Salcombe estuary.

                                                    Start point in the golden hour

                                    Not every day was good..........Salcombe estuary out to sea

                                                    Bit of a play with white balance

                                                         A few shots of the wildlife

                                  A Slow worm shedding its skin on the pavement outside a pub.............

All my shots are as they came from the camera apart from cropping some of them. I am, I suppose an old fashioned photographer. I love the digital format, but prefer to use the skills learnt many years ago with my old OM-2n


  1. Great set Dave, you did very well for an old fashioned photographer.
    Nice to see a pic of Max after all this time, give him a cuddle from us.
    Smashing Start Point ones.

  2. I missed this one Dave, I love the last one.