Thursday, 23 February 2012

At last, out of hibernation

At long last Spring is on its way. I have been taking the odd shot through the winter, but a combination of my Handyman business getting out of hand.....pardon the pun, and my version of 'SADS', has severely limited my free time in front of the computer.
OK, here'e a selection of some of the shots I have taken this year

Sunset at the back of Red Lane

One of our resident Blackbirds

 Its a Robin....

Its amazing how tame the Blackbirds are

 A Redwing....we have been inundated with flocks of these all winter

Ah....the lessor spotted bird seed thief......RAT

Couple of sunsets from the back window

A very fat Sparrow

Mr Gruff..........not so little Max

A posing Granddaughter Ella

Mr fierce again

Another Redwing

First signs of last

Its almost time to get the caravan out again..........stuff the decorating


  1. Hi Dave, nice to have you back again. Those sunsets are something to die for.

    I see little Max is now all grown up and very fierce he looks too. Glad your back and keep blogging, sod the decorating it's SPRING.

    All the best Mike.

  2. Good to see you back with some pictures, Ella and Max are growing up, fortunately Ella is looking prettier while Max is looking a bit fierce!
    You have taken lovely shots and I can't decide which I like best, I was going to say the sunsets or the robin, maybe Ella, Max or the crocus or or or. I won't decide, just keep them coming for us to enjoy. Happy Springtime.

  3. Welcome back Dave, All very nice pictures. I like the flowers best

  4. Thought I would return the favour and see your piccys - very nice sunsets and loved the teapots and the fungi (elsewhere). As an aside the bird in the field (above) you have as "another Redwing" is actually a Fieldfare. All the best.

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