Friday, 9 December 2011

Brighton pit-stop

Blew into and out of Brighton today to fetch my son from music school for Christmas.
Was back home in Kenilworth by 2.30pm. Just had time, after I did his washing up, to take a few pics

This is where my son lives....100yds from the seafront!!!!!!!

This has just gone up....I presume for Christmas???


  1. Nice set Dave, really like the first and the breaking waves one. You are an old softy doing his washing up

    Looks like a very nice day, he is so lucky living so close to the beach

  2. Very nice Dave.
    I think that the wheel is up all the time as I was watching Wheeler Dealers on Discovery tonight and the wheel was there then. I think the programme was made back in 2009 or 10 and it was spring or summer.

  3. Nice post Dave... I know Brighton very well . My company bought six pharmacies down and around the area and sent me down to train the staff in our ways!! I stayed on the sea front,(in a hotel!) so these pictures bring back some lovely memories for me ! I hope you all have some super family time together xxxx

  4. Hi Chris and Dave,
    It's now Christmas eve and we still haven't had a blog from you.

    Hope all is ok up there and you get sorted soon, In the meantime have a lovely Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. Lots of Love Mike and Sue XXX